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Health issues of Aries

From a health perspective, Aries always lead with their heads. Ask any Aries if they've ever had a head injury, a concussion or scars on or about the head somewhere, they always say: "Yes". Some of you Aries types may have awful, constant headaches from an old concussion or injury you sustained many years before. Aries rules the head of the body, the brain and the skull. Aries also rules the outer ears, the nose and skin on the face and head.

Many Aries get blood pounding, throbbing or hammering headaches after they get angry because their blood pressure has skyrocketed. Older Aries have to watch this because they are prone to high blood pressure in later life. They should have an annual check up to keep tabs on this potential condition. What can happen is if it's not diagnosed, it can wear out the capillaries and veins in your brain matter and a stroke can occur. Most Aries complain of headaches--all types and varieties. Stress always begins and ends for Aries within their head, so headaches are quite common to a good percentage of them. Migraines can attack too, when you're really under big time stress.


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